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10 Expert Tips for Optimizing Your Google Business Profile

If you own a business, you probably want more people to find you online. One of the best ways to do that is by optimizing your Google Business Profile. It’s super important for showing up in local searches and can help you attract more customers.

In this article I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how to optimize your google business profile.

Google Business Profile

Claim and Verify Your Google Business Profile

First things first, you need to claim your business on Google. If you haven’t done this yet, go to Google My Business and follow the steps to claim your business. Google will send you a postcard or an email to verify that you’re the owner. This step is crucial because an unverified profile won’t show up in search results.


Choose and Adjust Business Categories

Select the right primary category and adjust it seasonally if needed. Add up to nine secondary categories for better visibility.

Example: If you run a landscaping business, select “Landscaper” as your primary category. In winter, change it to “Snow Removal Service.”


Optimize Business Name

Include relevant keywords in your business name for improved search ranking.

Example: Change “John’s Bakery” to “John’s Bakery & Cakes” to include the keyword “Cakes.”


Encourage and Manage Reviews

  • Aim for at least 10 reviews and regularly get new ones.
  • Encourage customers to add photos.
  • Respond to all reviews.
  • Use custom links, QR codes, and text messages to request reviews.
  • Gather reviews from other platforms.
  • Increase positive reviews to mitigate negative ones.

Showcase Products and Services

Add products and services to your listing and link to the most relevant landing page on your website.

Example: Add items like “Wedding Cakes” and “Birthday Cakes” with photos and descriptions to your Google Business Profile.


Optimize Landing Page Content

Use target keywords in the meta title and headings, and boost page authority with external and internal links.

Example: Ensure the landing page linked from your profile uses “best bakery in London” in the meta title and headers. Get local blogs to link to your bakery’s website and use internal links to connect related pages.


Maintain Accurate Information

  • Report fake listings to Google : If you find a competitor’s fake listing, report it to Google.
  • Ensure accurate opening and holiday hours: Update your hours for public holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving.
  • Display years in business to build trust: Add “Serving London since 1995” to your profile..
  • Avoid using PO boxes or virtual offices: Use your physical bakery location, not a virtual office address..

Engage Customers

  • Enable click-to-message and set up automated responses : Allow customers to message you directly from your profile and set up a greeting response like “Thank you for reaching out to John’s Bakery! How can we assist you today?”.
  • Use Google Posts for regular updates : Post about new cake designs or seasonal specials on your profile.
  • Fill in all profile information for credibility: Complete sections like services, business description, and operating hours.

Enhance Online Presence

  • Implement schema markup: add local business schema markup to your website’s code.
  • Use a compelling profile photo and regularly update with relevant, real photos: upload a professional photo of your storefront and update it seasonally.
  • Add videos for better engagement: post a video tour of your bakery.
  • Create a FAQ section to address common questions: add a FAQ on your profile answering questions like “Do you offer gluten-free cakes?”.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile is a simple and effective way to attract more customers. By following these steps, you can make sure your business stands out and gets noticed. So, go ahead and start optimizing today – your future customers are just a search away!

Happy optimizing! 🌟

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